Mabel Katz

Story of Ho’oponopono Teacher Mabel Katz

“I had everything imaginable in both material and status terms, but I still felt emptiness, dissatisfaction and anger inside," says Mabel Katz

Without any hesitation or doubt, she surrendered her faith in the good and the fulfillment came. Change can be made with one simple but firm decision.

Moving from Argentina to Los Angeles

The reversal that happened to Mabel can happen to any of us. Faith in yourself is the key to success. Mabel Katz was born in Argentina, where she spent the first half of her life. There she married, graduated from college, and earned two degrees, both in accounting. When she moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s, she specialized in tax affairs. She went to the Promised Land at the urging of her then-husband, who felt that as a doctor she had a much better perspective in America. At the very beginning of the American dream, nothing was as they expected. It took her a long time to get used to the culture and customs that are very different from the Argentine ones, but she still enjoyed living in an environment where her work is valued and appreciated.

Student of the Famous Ho'oponopono Teacher Dr. Hew Len

It turned out that a life awaited her in America that she had no idea about before, a life she could not even dream of. As a student and heiress of the famous ho'oponopono teacher Hew Len, today Mabel Katz travels the world introducing people to this miraculous and above all simple technique that has changed not only hers, but also the lives of millions of people. It’s a technique to release your outdated restrictive programs, so you can become free.

“Mabel, What made you start working on yourself and how did you come up with the ho’oponopono technique?" 

I was brought to this technique by the need for personal development. I was looking for something that would help me to be happy, because the moment I set foot on that path I was quite unhappy. Despite the rational realization that I had everything I needed for happiness, I didn’t feel that way inside. I was looking for an easy way to change my inner state. I knew there were many methods which imply that a person is going through serious inner dramas, and I was sure I didn’t want that kind of questioning and digging through myself that would put me in an even more difficult emotional state. I didn’t want any analysis like “my mom did this to me, my dad did that to me, so now I feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled." 

The Easiest Way

I knew that there must be something I didn't have to learn much about or understand everything, but that I just needed to feel the essence - to adjust easily to good vibrations. The idea was to let go of everything from the past that is no longer useful to me, once and for all without much trouble. The idea that I had to take one hundred percent responsibility and simply let go of the data that was burdening me was close to me and that is why I chose ho'oponopono. I said to myself, “Yes, there is an easy way and I will find it.” When I resolved it firmly, when I made that decision, the Universe sent me ho'oponopono. Well, I'd like to hear more about that, I thought by myself.

At that time I didn’t know what the cause was of my problems.
I didn't do the analysis, I think I was just born angry. As a child, I was constantly angry, dissatisfied, I always had the feeling that I was missing something that I needed more than anything to be happy. I later realized that I was actually angry with God all the time. I felt like God had forsaken me, that I was here alone. At one seminar I attended, I worked on a very well-known rebirth technique. Through that process, I came to the realization that I didn't even want to be born and live.

"Mabel Katz, How long did that feeling of not wanting to live last?" 
Until I decided to change, in an easy way. At the time, I thought that happiness laid in material things. We had everything we needed, I had two university degrees, I worked as an accountant, I had two wonderful sons and a husband, but all that was not enough for me. If I had a nice house, I would very quickly become dissatisfied and I would want another, brighter and bigger one. I always wanted more, more, more ... money, a car, a house ... I had everything imaginable both in material and status terms, but I still felt emptiness, dissatisfaction and anger inside. I didn't believe in anything I couldn't see or touch. God didn't exist for me.

"How did you start believing in yourself?“
A big change in my life came the moment I looked inside myself, when I became ready to take responsibility for how I feel. I realized that I needed a change after I recognized myself in my son's behavior. He was furious and addressed me in an angry tone. He was my mirror, so did I treat him at the time. I woke up only in 1995, when my older son was 12 years old. Until then, I was closed, with very limited understandings, I did not understand that life is much more than what we see and feel with our senses. "

Your Heading Here

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