Ho’oponopono Prayer

Ho’oponopono is a very powerful ancient Hawaiian healing and problem-solving process, which releases memories that are experienced as problems. The practice of forgiveness is also an important part of it. This method works mainly through prayers, which you can find on this page. 

There are also other techniques used, like cleaning tools, and if you want to learn more about the complete ho'oponopono process you can go here: https://hooponoponomiracle.com/ho-oponopono-technique/

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Miracle Healing Prayer for Peace, Forgiveness, Health, Wealth & Happiness

Ho’oponopono prayers are basically self-forgiveness & repentance prayers, but also reconciliation & cleansing prayers, and they are also prayers for peace, including peace of mind, for health, wealth, strength, and happiness, they are in fact miracle prayers.
They can be used to cleanse and heal anything, or to obtain anything, so to summarize they are incredibly powerful healing prayers.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona is the founder of modern-day Ho’oponopono, also known as ‘Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® (SITH®)’. She was a Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au and was recognized as a “Living Treasure” of the State of Hawaii in 1983.

Most people only know the short four phrase mantra ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’, but Ho’oponopono is a lot more than just this short mantra.
There are a lot more prayers, which are even more powerful!
We will share all of them with you below, Including the full versions of the traditional and most powerful Ho’oponopono healing prayers!

We hope you will like them, and especially that they will work for you, heal you, and bring you miracles too!

The Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer

A lot of people know ho'oponopono as the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer, and although forgiveness is a very important part, there is a lot more to it, like repentance and transmutation. In fact it's all about healing yourself, releasing your limitations and negativity, and becoming free.

And the forgiveness is mainly about forgiving yourself. In fact you are asking the Divine to help you forgive yourself for whatever is going on inside yourself that manifests as the problem.

The Hawaiian Healing Prayer For Repentance, Self-Forgiveness & Transmutation – “I Love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You”

This simple mantra, taught us by Dr. Hew Len, is the most popular and well-known Ho´oponopono cleaning prayer.
Although it is short, it’s still very powerful. It uses the power of repentance and self forgiveness to heal and transmute any limiting beliefs or memories. And of course you also add the power of gratitude.

You can say these phrases in any order you like, and you can use them for any problem, you don’t even need to know what the problem is.

You can say them as much as you want.
The more you practice them, and the more you clean, the better.

If you want to learn the full explanation of this mantra and how to use it correctly and most effectively just go here: https://hooponoponomiracle.com/iloveyou-imsorry-pleaseforgiveme-thankyou-mantra/

The Original Ho'oponopono Prayer -

Morrnah Simeona’s Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer for Reconciliation

This is the ‘official’ and original Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer that Morrnah would say to heal people, whether she saw them or not. You can also use it as a prayer for reconciliation with family members, or with anyone else, including yourself.

“Divine creator, father, mother, son as one… If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness… Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light… And it is done.”

Morrnah’s Favorite Karmic Cleansing Prayer for Health, Wealth, Strength, Peace and Miracles

This is Morrnah’s favorite cleansing prayer. She used it especially for clearing bonds and cutting aka cords, so we can be free for Divinity to operate through us. Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono was about karmic cleansing. This prayer was a gift from her to the world to use freely.
This is probably the most powerful Ho’oponopono prayer, so please try it.

It’s designed to help you get rid of any limiting beliefs you have or anything that is bothering you.
Just insert the feeling of whatever that’s bothering you right now, in the prayer.
So if you have something still bothering you, insert the feeling or belief you would like to release or clean or delete. You can also use it for something that you would like to create in your life. If you clear all your blocks, the things you want will automatically come to you, almost like magic.

“Spirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts of …….
(fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, or thoughts that you want to erase) …….
Take each and every level, layer, area, and aspect of my being to this origin.
Analyse it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.
Come through all generations of time and eternity.
Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.
Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present,
Filled with light and truth.
God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions.
Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and events which contributed to this,
these feelings, thoughts and beliefs.”

According to Morrnah, we have to say the prayer four times every time we want to release something. She said that if you memorize the prayer, you can bring it up in your consciousness more easily, but it’s also perfectly fine if you just read it.

“I” Am The “I” – Ho’oponopono Healing Prayer

Prayer in English and Hawaiian language.

“I” AM THE “I”


“I” come forth from the void into light,
Pua mai au mai ka po iloko o ka malamalama,

“I” am the breath that nurtures life,
Owau no ka ha, ka mauli ola,

“I” am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness,
Owau no ka poho, ke ka’ele mawaho a’e o no ike apau.

The “I”, the Id, the All.
Ka “I”, Ke Kino Iho, na Mea Apau.

“I” draw my bow of rainbows across the waters,
Ka a’e au “I” ku’u pi’o o na anuenue mawaho a’e o na kai a pau,

The continuum of minds with matters.
Ka ho’omaumau o na mana’o ame na mea a pau.

“I” am the incoming and outgoing of breath,
Owau no ka “Ho” a me ka “Ha”,

The invisible, untouchable breeze,
He huna ka makani nahenahe,

The undefinable atom of creation.
Ka “Hua” huna o Kumulipo.

“I” AM THE “I”.
Owau no ka “I”.

Copyright © 1980 The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

Prayer For Peace – The Peace Of “I”

Hawaiian and English language version.



Peace be with you, All My Peace,
O ka Maluhia no me oe, Ku’u Maluhia a pau loa,

The Peace that is “I”, the Peace that is “I am”.
Ka Maluhia o ka “I”, owau no ka Maluhia,

The Peace for always, now and forever and evermore.
Ka Maluhia no na wa a pau, no ke’ia wa a mau a mau loa aku.

My Peace “I” give to you, My Peace “I” leave with you,
Ha’awi aku wau “I” ku’u Maluhia ia oe, waiho aku wau “I” ku’u Maluhia me oe,

Not the world’s Peace, but, only My Peace,

A’ole ka Maluhia o ke ao aka, ka’u Maluhia wale no,
Ka Maluhia o ka “I”.

Copyright © 1980 The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

Short Ho’oponopono Cleansing Prayer

“Oh, infinite Divine Mind,
Through my beloved High Self,
Cleanse this unit of all negativity,
Both within and without,
That it may be a perfect vessel
for Your Presence.

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

From the book “At Zero” by Joe Vitale.

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