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Ho'oponopono is a simple but very effective healing technique. It's an ancient Hawaiian healing method and it eliminates all your limiting beliefs and data. And the great thing is, you don’t even have to know what these limiting beliefs are.

Our goal is to teach you all our knowledge about Ho’oponopono and provide you with all the techniques and cleansing tools, so you can finally clear all the blocks and limitations that have been holding you back from the life you really  want. Your dream life starts now!

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What Is Ho'oponopono?

Ho'oponopono is one of the most effective methods in solving all kinds of problems. It is a great treasure for humanity in our troubled times.

The most important goal in human life is to find your true Identity, your place in the Universe and return home. Step by step. To achieve this goal, a person should recognize that he is largely responsible for creating his life the way it is.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your surroundings is to free yourself from everything that is not Love, from what is not You. Problems, hatred, sadness, anger, illness and intolerance are not you.

Ho’oponopono is a process that frees the Self from this burden, but also allows it to become again what it was from the very beginning of its creation, i.e. a reflection of Love and Light.

The Ho'oponopono process is a petition to the Divine to remove toxic energies and fill the space after them with itself, i.e. Love.

Ho´oponopono is a great gift for humanity and teaches how we can ask the errors in our thoughts, words and actions to be cleared at any time. This process primarily leads to release.

What is The Ho'oponopono prayer?

I am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

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Morrnah Simeona

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona ​ Morrnah Simeona - Founder of Ho'oponopono ​Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna, is the Founder of modern-day Ho’oponopono.Traditional Ho'oponopono was an important element of the life of the Hawaiian community. No problem was dealt with there separately from the rest of the family and all people

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Mabel Katz

 Mabel Katz ​ Story of Ho’oponopono Teacher Mabel Katz “I had everything imaginable in both material and status terms, but I still felt emptiness, dissatisfaction and anger inside," says Mabel Katz.  Without any hesitation or doubt, she surrendered her faith in the good and the fulfillment came. Change can be

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Ho’oponopono Technique

The Ho'oponopono TechniqueHo’oponopono - A Powerful Spiritual Self Healing TechniqueHo’oponopono is one of the most effective and powerful spiritual healing techniques.In fact it’s an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique and self-healing practice.You can use it on any problem and you don’t need to know the cause of the problem, which is

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