Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tools & Techniques

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice for cleansing memories within. When we clean these data and memories which cause problems, we can break free from our blocks and limitations, and live the live we want. To practice Ho’oponopono we make use of very powerful healing prayers and mantra’s, and we also use all kinds of cleaning tools which we will discuss below. You don’t need to use all of them, to get results. You can just take the ones that are most appealing to you. Personally, my favorite is the blue solar water, which I use nearly every day, at least as the sun shines ;-) .

These cleansing tools which we use in the Ho'oponopono cleaning process, they assist in "erasing" negative energies or memories stuck within the subconscious mind.

We realize that some of these tools may seem a bit odd, or even somewhat silly, but be aware that it is only your conscious mind (your intellect) that judges them to be so.
All these ho’oponopono cleaning tools & techniques came through Divine inspiration and thus, may seem to be inexplicable to the ‘rational’ conscious mind, which believes it is all-knowing. When instead it is strongly limited compared to the Superconscious (Divine intelligence) or to the subconscious mind.

The list of cleaning tools and techniques below is just a sampling of the more than 80 recognized tools, we will explain how to use them and what their purpose is.

Cleaning Tools of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Zero-Wise Embracers - Ho’oponopono Cleaning Bracelets

These embracers are bracelets that will clean for you 24/7.
Some of them have written “thank you I love you” and others say “thank you I love you please forgive me I'm sorry”, there are also some in Braille.
So when you're wearing them they're cleaning for you 24 hours a day non-stop.
They clean your thoughts and thinking, and you don't even have to be aware of that, that you're taking and coping and managing and controlling, when you wear them, whatever happens will get cleaned.

They have different colors like white and magenta which represent Divine love. There are also embracers with rainbow colors, rainbows are cleansing tools too.
That’s why the logo of Zero-Wise also has the rainbow colors, and the boxes of the embracers too, so they are also clean. So when you pass it on to somebody, or send it through the post office, on its way it's doing its cleaning, wherever it is.

You can find the embracers on his site:


Ceeport means, ‘Clean, Erase, Erase as we return to port, or as we come home to paradise or Heaven.’
This is also one of Dr Hew Len cleaning tools. They are used to clean both people and things, and to swipe things both mentally and physically.
You can get them as all kinds of products like cards, keychains, pendants, bookmarks, pins and seals. You can find them here: https://ihhl-ceeport.com/

Cleaning Tools for Money

Orange Juice

Orange juice is a cleaning tool for money abuse.

Many people don’t realize it, but we often ‘abuse’ money without realizing it. Paying interest on the things we buy with our credit cards is an abuse of our money. So, being in debt because of these interest payments is also an abuse of money.
Now the problem is, when we abuse money, it will not come to us, we’re kind of blocking the money flow and the abundance we deserve.

So, we need to change our relationship with money, and we can do that is by starting to talk to it:
“I am sorry, please forgive me for abusing you, and for not using you correctly, please forgive me for spending you on things that I don't really need, for purchasing this and that.
I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

Orange juice is a tool to deal with this money abuse.
Say in your mind:
“I (mentally) fill a glass right up to the rim with Orange juice.”
Orange Juice is representing the sunlight of God.
Fill up the glass mentally and put the money identity into the juice, and the money will feel like, “Yesss I am in a spa” instead of feeling abused and ravished.
Remember, if we don’t take good care of money, it will not come around.

Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tools Which You Can Eat or Drink

There are a lot of ho’oponopono cleansing foods, we listed all of them below. So, you can clean yourself by eating, how cool is that!

Strawberries and Blueberries

These berries void data and memories. You can eat them fresh or dried. You can consume them as jam, jelly or even as syrup on your ice cream.
Strawberries are releasing negative beliefs or data about weight issues. Blueberries help us advance on our spiritual journey, throughout the cleansing process they can even open angelic dimensions, and they also help to relieve depressions.

Blue Solar Water

Drinking blue solar water is a very good problem-solving practice, it is a very powerful Ho’oponopono cleansing tool.

How do you make blue solar water?
Pour tap water into a blue glass bottle, and use a nonmetallic cover.
Place the bottle in the sunlight for minimum 1 hour (or use an incandescent lamp, but make sure you don’t use a fluorescent lamp).
By using this method, the water becomes blessed by the Divine.

You can use the solarized water in different ways:
You can drink it, or make tea or coffee with it, or cook with it, you can also wash your vegetables or fruits with it, and you can use it to rinse (after a shower or bath).

More info on the benefits of blue solar water and how it exactly works you can find on this page:



They clean on abuse, and also on all deaths.


They represent the plains and the wheat, and the salt flats on our Earth too.


They bring us closer to Divinity.


It cleanses toxic memories and restores them to pure energy.

Hot chocolate

It deletes the idea or belief of prioritizing material things and money. And instead put the Divine on the first place.

Vanilla ice cream

Helps to manifest peace into our lives.


They give us pure energy.


Helps to put us in the right place at the right time.


Help to save our life.

Candy canes

They catch missed opportunities, and they help with anything that all the other cleansing tools may have missed.

Bubble gum

Helps to release intellectualism.

Breathing Exercise Cleaning Technique

This breathing exercise was developed by the founder of modern-day ho'oponopono, Morrnah Simeona. It is a part of her famous 12 step ho'oponopono process.

Breathing exercises help to clear depressions & anxiety, to erase memories, Alzheimer’s disease,
it also helps to release negative vibrations and Earth-bound spirits, and it also closes all open psychic doors. I can even help with jet lag and can be used as protection when you are flying. It is best to do 1 exercise round per flying hour, before you board the plane.

One round of the breathing exercise goes like this:
Inhale through the nose and count to 7, hold your breath for another 7 seconds, then exhale through your mouth for 7 seconds, and again hold your breath for another 7 seconds. Repeat this anywhere from 7 to 10 times.

You can do 7 to 10 rounds.

Other Ho’oponopono Cleansing Tools

Ice blue

You can speak it out loud or repeat it silently in your mind.

Dew drop

You can speak it out loud or repeat it silently in your mind.

Fern plant

You can speak it out loud or repeat it silently in your mind.
You can also touch the plant physically.


This symbolic cleansing tool is used to erase memories or to perform the clearing process.
You can visualize it, you can speak it out loud or repeat it silently in your mind.

Green Maple Leaf

This is a clearing tool that especially works on feelings of being unloved, on deep depressions, on feelings of lack of appreciation, of not being cared for, and feelings of wishing to give up on life.


This is a kind of flower.
You can speak it out loud or repeat it silently in your mind.

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