Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

The Famous Ho’oponopono Story Of Dr. Hew Len

Maybe you’ve already heard about the story of a therapist in Hawaii who somehow healed an entire ward of mentally ill criminals without seeing any of them.
It’s definitely the most famous story about Ho’oponopono, and it’s a pretty amazing, miraculous, and inspiring story too.
Well, that Hawaiian therapist was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

When Joe Vitale heard about this story, he contacted Dr Hew Len, because he was really inspired about it and wanted to know.
Eventually, this lead to the book “Zero Limits” which they wrote together.

He said that all he did was clean, clean on his perceptions of what he saw.
Have you ever heard the phrase that you create your own reality? So if you create your own reality and somebody shows up in your life, that is a mentally ill criminal as they showed up in his life, didn’t you create them too?
This is pretty mind-blowing don’t you think? So, he is talking about a level of creation and a level of responsibility that almost nobody goes to.

When we work on ourselves, and when we go into an empowerment stage, we can all start to feel like ‘yeah, I am responsible for me, for what I say, for what I do, but I am not responsible for you, or him, or her, or anybody else.’ So, taking responsibility for other people too, is a whole different level!
This is what Dr Hew Len has said about that, “If you create your own reality, then you have also created this person, and that person, and the other person too, and me.”
And so he is really stretching our mind, and all we can do is try to understand it.

For people who went to his seminars it was the most mind-altering experience.
He talked about thought forms being real, like the thoughts in your head actually are energy vortexes, and they float out into the world and actually create reality.
And he talked about being 100% responsible for your life, meaning anything in your life you’re responsible for. Whether it’s the neighbours who start to build a house there, or it’s your parents, or your employer, or employee, it doesn’t matter. On some level you are creating it, you are responsible for it, and that’s part of what he taught people.
But he really honed in on only four phrases: “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you”.

Ultimately he said that when he was working at that hospital, he would look at the people’s charts. He would get a chart of a patient, and he would read it, and as he was reading it he’d be feeling things, he’d be upset, frustrated, angry, embarrassed, enraged... depending on what he read. And what he cleaned on was those feelings in him, he didn’t clean on the patient, he didn’t clean on what he was seeing in the records there, he didn’t clean on their photo, he didn’t clean on the individual,
he cleaned on him and his perception of what he was seeing.

This is really important to understand Ho'oponopono, it’s not about correcting the other people, it’s about correcting your perceptions of everything you see outside. And here is the thing that happens, when you take care of your perceptions, and this is what happened with Dr Hew Len. He’s looking at his files, his feelings, he’s upset, he is cleaning up his perceptions and his feelings, and they got better! The patients got better, and ultimately within a very short period of time, they started to be released, they were determined to be healthy to go back in society.
And after 4 years that ward was closed. It’s a miraculous, head-spinning story about the power of these statements.

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